Elevated Parks and Global Cities

(Graduate CouRSE)


This theory-driven course works across the fields of architecture, landscape, planning, historic preservation, and visual culture to examine the relationship between globalization, urban renewal, and the rise of the elevated park as a creative/design intervention in the build environment of cities. The focus is on the High Line in New York City, but the course adopts a transnational and comparative approach and considers the worldwide trend in postindustrial elevated parks in locations such as Chicago, London, Paris, and São Paulo. The aim is to analyze these projects from multiple disciplinary and theoretical perspectives, critically assessing their aesthetic, economic, ecological, symbolic, and social impacts. In so doing, the courses addresses the ways in which elevated parks have become implicated in current debates about public space, creative practice, urban renewal, and gentrification.

Photo by  Iwan Baan

Photo by Iwan Baan